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Launched the new series of dermal filler, Diamond which is suitable for Southeast Asian people

Bio Standard Co., Ltd. has launched the new dermal filler brand Diamond in Vietnam, which was developed by applying a viscoelastic value suitable for the skin type and physical constitution of Southeast Asian people.


Diamond dermal fillers are developed by studying the optimal viscoelasticity values best suited to them, considering the fact that Southeast Asian people, including Vietnamese, have a unique internal metabolism due to their hot and humid climate and their own eating habits.

Diamond dermal fillers consists of four types: No.1 for fine wrinkles, No.2 for general wrinkles such as nasolabial folds, No.3 for deep wrinkles or deep nose, and No.4 for volume enlargement. This product has the advantage of having a longer maintenance period inside of human body than its existing products due to its enhanced viscoelasticity.

It is expected that the supply will expand throughout the Southeast Asian market, starting with Vietnam which has the high recognition of its products.

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