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성형필러 브랜드 미라인과 애드메딕, 2019 K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA 참관 해외바이어로부터 호평 이어져

World E&I Co., Ltd., the exclusive sales agency for dermal filler products of BioStandard Co., Ltd. participated in the "2019 K-BEAUTY EXPO KOREA" at Ilsan, KINTEX, for 4 days from Oct. 10 to 13 to promote the excellence of its Hyaluronic Acid filler brand, Meline and Admedic to domestic and foreign buyers.

Some 430 domestic and foreign companies participated in the exhibition and 50,000 visitors visited during the four-day. There were many business meetings held with 156 overseas buyers from 37 countries.

Meline and Admedic Dermal fillers are currently exported more than 50,000 pieces a month to China, Russia and CIS, Vietnam, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States, etc. and are also expected to enter into Europe, Southwest Asia and the Middle East within the year.

Meline and Admedic dermal fillers are managed and controlled with high quality standards that are most similar to osmotic pressure and pH concentration of the human body. After procedure, symptoms such as erythema, edema, and inflammation are relatively rare. Endotoxin levels are much lower than competitors. This is because the process of removing residual cross-linker is performed more than twice after the hyaluronic acid crosslink process that maintains the injected skin filler in the human body for a long time. These do not only prove that the product is very safe, but also the reason why it has received a lot of favorable reviews from safety-sensitive buyers and is the most important feature that distinguishes it from other company's products.

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